Simple, transparent pricing

Start with a free account to speed up your workflow on public projects or boost your entire team with instantly-opening production environments.

Personal For individuals looking to get started quickly.
  • Personal includes:
  • StackBlitz’s fully browser-based IDE
  • Unlimited public projects and collections
  • Open and edit public GitHub repositories
  • Up to 1MB of file uploads per project *
  • Community support
  • Upgrade to Personal+ for unlimited private projects, repositories, uploads, and access to external APIs & localhost dev servers!
Teams For teams looking to collaborate more easily on web development.
29 / member / month
billed annually or $35 billed monthly Start free trial
  • Everything in Personal+ and:
  • Collaborate on private projects and collections
  • Collaborate on your organization’s private GitHub repositories
  • Integrate with private NPM registries like Artifactory and Nexus
  • Access external APIs & localhost dev servers
  • Team management and billing console
  • Email support
Enterprise & Self-hosted For security-conscious organizations needing to deploy StackBlitz behind the firewall.
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  • Everything in Teams and:
  • WebContainer API
  • GitLab, Bitbucket, and GitHub Enterprise Support
  • Custom SSO integration
  • Self hosted, on-premise, and VPC installation options
  • Dedicated Solutions Engineer
  • Slack, Zoom, and email support

Frequently asked questions

How do I get started? Create a StackBlitz account by logging in with your GitHub credentials or reach out to us here for 1:1 onboarding
How do I create a Team? If you belong to a GitHub organization, you can create a team account in StackBlitz. When creating a Teams account above, choose your GitHub organization from the list.
Can I use StackBlitz at my company? Absolutely! StackBlitz is used by companies of all sizes. For small to medium-sized teams, we recommend a Teams subscription which you can purchase above. For larger enterprises, contact us to discuss our enterprise plans.
Can I use StackBlitz if I don’t have a GitHub account? While you do not need a GitHub account to view and edit StackBlitz projects, you do need a GitHub account to save your work or collaborate with others. You can create a free GitHub account on their website here.
What is included in the free Personal plan? The free Personal plan includes unlimited public StackBlitz projects, collections and Github repositories. If you need to collaborate on repositories belonging to a GitHub organization, upgrade to StackBlitz Teams above.
Do you offer discounts for educational, non-profit, or open source organizations? We’re happy to offer discounts to use StackBlitz for non-commercial projects. Get in touch to discuss options.
Can I update the number of members on my team? All members of your GitHub organization are automatically synced to your StackBlitz Teams account. You can change individual members to free or paid users depending on what they need to access. Free users can access and edit all public projects, collections, and GitHub repositories. To access private projects or repositories, the team member must be upgraded to a paid user.
Does everyone on my team need a StackBlitz account? Anyone in your GitHub organization will be able to access public projects, collections, and GitHub repositories in StackBlitz. Public projects, collections, and GitHub repositories are able to be shared with anyone outside of your team. Paid members will also be able to access private projects, collections and repositores. Permissions for organization owned repositories will be automatically mirrored in StackBlitz Teams.