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StackBlitz Enterprise is everything you already love about StackBlitz with the enterprise-grade security and hosting options your team requires.

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Running at the most security conscious Fortune 500 companies and beyond

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How enterprise web developers use StackBlitz

Millions of developers rely on StackBlitz every day to bridge the gap between local development and cloud-based environments.

With StackBlitz Enterprise, we’re taking everything we’ve learned from building for our millions of users and bringing it to your daily workflows.

What is enterprise ?

Scale design system adoption with interactive documentation

Provide one-click instant environments your team can use to check out and try internal libraries. Embed directly or use StackBlitz’s SDK.

StackBlitz syncs directly with your private NPM registry including JFrog Artifactory, Sonatype Nexus, and more.

What is enterprise ?

One-click bug reproductions

Eliminate time-consuming bug reproductions by asking for a StackBlitz repro link in each ticket.

Complete environments can be shared with just a URL, completely removing local installations when fixing bugs.

What is Enterprise ?

Simplify PR reviews and team collaboration

Easily move in and out of different branches, repositories, and code bases without disrupting your own local development.

We like to say upgrading to StackBlitz for collaboration is like going from a hot plate to a multi-burner stove.

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Deploy how and where you want

From bare metal to your VPC, StackBlitz Enterprise lets you deploy StackBlitz with a single, self-hosted Kubernetes instance, regardless of how many users you add.

Microsoft Azure Open Shift
Kubernetes AWS

Enterprise SSO

Integrate with any SAML2-based authentication provider

Desktop-grade editor

Use StackBlitz with the VS Code extensions and settings you’re used to

Fully integrated with your development toolchain

Access your private NPM packages from the Artifactory or Nexus registry. Review code stored in GitHub Enterprise, GitLab and Bitbucket

Integrate with Figma and Storybook

Improve the developer experience of working with design teams and systems

Access and usage controls

Manage access and maintain oversight into usage with your dedicated admin portal

WebContainers built in

Run any Node-based toolchain entirely within the browser with our proprietary WebContainers runtime.

Unlimited, instant development environments? Sounds like a security nightmare dream.

If you’ve looked into implementing cloud development environments at your company, you know the pain of managing countless dev environments while keeping them free of sensitive customer data.

StackBlitz runs your code in a secure, entirely browser-based Node environment. No VMs here.

StackBlitz VM-based tools
Boot Time Miliseconds Minutes
Network Latency None Seconds to minutes
Compute Costs None Increases with usage
Hosting Costs Single Kubernetes cluster, regardless of usage Increases with usage
Runtime Security Code runs fully isolated within the browser sandbox Code is executed on remote VMs and delivered over the network
Photo of Jacob Anstadt

Jacob Anstadt

Senior Enterprise architect - Surescripts

”As the team has continued to expand, this workflow has started to pay dividends. The UX team is more able to design workflows that meet our users needs rather than simply designing a UI on top of a backend our developers have already built.”

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Frequently-asked questions

  • About StackBlitz Enterprise
  • Using StackBlitz Enterprise
  • Security
  • Can I run my existing repositories in StackBlitz?

    StackBlitz Enterprise runs a Node.js development environment in the browser sandbox using our WebContainers micro-operating system. Your repository must be compatible with Node 18 (or later) to run without issues.

  • Can StackBlitz use my private NPM packages?

    Yes, StackBlitz Enterprise integrates with your private registries enabling you to use private packages in StackBlitz.